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What will happen when produce coated webbing with bad TPU

TPU is a kind of eco-friendly plastic material, which is playing more and more important roll in industrial manufacturing. Just be similar to many other materials, TPU also has its own levels categorization. Here we talk about what will happen when produce a product with bad TPU.


1.Exude powder


Generally, most of materials has their service lives, especially for plastic, and no exception on TPU. Better TPU will have longer service life, while worse one has shorter life. So TPU coated webbing from Sunmolin may exude powder in 5 years, but some TPU products exude powder on surface just half past year later.




Cracking of TPU also refers to its service life. The TPU products made from bad TPU are much more easier to crack. It’s more obvious when it comes to TPU webbing, and some will crack only after 1 year indoors. If the bad quality TPU webbing placed for a bit longer time, you may find that the outer coated TPU could even be torn.




Compared with soft and smooth products made from good quality TPU material, the bad quality one has rough surface, and has lower tenacity.


One point should be mentioned: the problems mentioned above are problems when products produced by bad quality TPU. But if you find your products have problems like those, the quality of TPU raw material may not the only factor. A TPU product has complex produce process, any problem in any step of the process can affect the quality of final product. For example, toner, additive and techniques can all be factors of exuding powder.

leather finish tpu coated webbing

   Leather finish TPU coated webbing

    Width: 25 mm

    Thickness: 2 mm

    Finish: matte, leather embossed

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pink tpu webbing

   Custom colorful elastic TPU webbing

    Width: 22 mm

    Thickness: 0.7 mm

    Finish: matte, soft, embossed

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