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Should car tow rope be coated with TPU?

Car tow rope is not used too often, but it’s necessary. If it unfortunately comes to an accident to a car, a strong car tow rope is essential. At this very moment, the firmness and pull are two of the most important elements of a car tow rope.

tow rope

So far, the general car tow rope is made of nylon. When touch with hands, the nylon tow rope seems to be strong enough. But is it true?

 tow rope strap

We got a story from a forum. It is said that a minibus lost petrol on the way to Guangzhou on expressway. The traffic is busy so that the only way to solve the problem is using the car tow rope to move the minibus out of the expressway. However, the process was harder than people had thought. The nylon tow tope was broken again after the first breakage. Just as the picture below shows. Fortunately, there was no secondary damage in the moving process.


tow rope car

Therefore, considering the safety of cars and people, nylon car tow rope is supposed to outer coated with TPU or other plastic. According to the pull test, TPU coated webbing is 3 times stronger than nylon webbing, which declines the percentage of breakage of tow rope effectively.

durable webbing

durable tpu coated webbing strap

Besides the strength, TPU coated webbing is cleanable and wear proof compared with nylon webbing.



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