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Black embossed laser finish tpu coated webbing

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  • We proof three colors for geometry pattern: light blue, loyal blue and black. Although pattern is the same, but laser effect becomes different in different colors ( shown as pictures below ). 

    The patterns and colors of TPU coated webbing can be customized. You can choose two different patterns for two opposite sides of one coated webbing. Or you can choose one pattern for one side while be matte for another side.

    black laser webbing blue coated webbing light blue coated webbing

    Choose a good TPU coated webbing

    1. Good quality raw material

    Sunmolin TPU coated webbing is made by TPU raw material from Germany. Refuse reclaimed material. Reclaimed material can be the combination of several types of TPU material, which has negative effect on its performance.

    Besides, Sunmolin choose high quality polyester braided webbing as inner webbing. The yarn, the technology and the way of knitting webbing all impact strength of final coated webbing.

    2. Custom no-scratch surface

    With developed technology, Sunmolin produces new TPU coated webbing without scratch on surface, especially for matte or glossy one. It's known to coated webbing industry that producing no-scratch TPU coated webbing is hard. Now, Sunmolin can solve this problem with our new technology.

    Moreover, Sunmolin provides dozens of embossing pattern for coated webbing, including laser finish, leather finish, 3D finish, shiny finish, etc.

    Good matte/glossy surface or special embossed surface may make your products unique.

    3. Not easy to peel off

    It means that the outer coated TPU is not easy to be peeled off. In another word, the outer coated TPU is not easy to be separated from inner webbing. Within the strong peel strength, Sunmolin TPU coated webbing does better when be punched and riveted.


    Good TPU webbing shouldn't do harm to people's health. Compared with PVC webbing or other bad TPU webbing, Sunmolin TPU webbing is stink-proof. When used in right way, the TPU webbing can maintain 5 years.

    Other colors

    sunmolin colour card

  • Width: 25 mm    ;    Thickness: 2.5 mm    ;    Finish: matte, embossed, laser

    Product type: coated webbing

    Technology: new coating extrusion

    Color: black (  geometry pattern )

    Finish: matte, embossed, laser

    Material: colored TPU + white polyester webbing

    Customization: acceptable

    Feature: Shiny, colors changing, waterproof, eco-friendly, fashion, stink-proof, wear proof, good peel strength

    Usage: belts, fashion bags, outdoor goods, etc.

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